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'You can’t really grasp what John can help you to achieve, change and become until you’ve had the privilege to work with him.

 Working with John means you enter into a partnership with a guiding, wise spirit who is insightful and sensitive.

 Until we started working together I never really knew who I was and what I stood for.  I had success in some areas of my life and catastrophe in others.  John has helped me to become consciously aware of my values and principles and to learn to build solid foundations for every area of my life.'

CEO & Founder UK


‘John works from his well honed instinct. He quickly gets to the buried issues with skill, dexterity and accuracy. He is a man who shows his vulnerability which is rare, a trait that makes you immediately comfortable in his company and confident to go deep quickly with him. He is generous with his time and talent and focused on uncovering the best in me.'

CEO & Founder UK

'Running your own business can give you a lot, but there are also huge costs which are difficult to manage because you’re on your own running your “empire”. To come across someone as open, caring and interested in you as John is extremely rare. He has a knack of giving you the space you need to just talk and open up. But his biggest skill is asking you the right questions, ones that make you dig and discover your truth. I feel truly fortunate to count him as a friend and someone I can literally talk about anything without fear nor judgement.'

CEO & Founder, UK

'In life we become defined by our habitat, our work and by the actions and behaviours we portray as a result, however to truly understand who we are as individuals we have to learn to listen to our inner self which is not always easy to do. John helps you to dust of the cobwebs of life that immerse us all, and the outcome is one of feeling free and empowered. John has a special ability to help you open up about your feelings and thoughts, and face challenging issues in such a way that you feel safe and secure to do so. I can genuinely say that the work John does is life changing.


Mark Twain once said, “Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great”.. this sums up John and his work.'

CEO & Founder, UK

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