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'In the heart of the desert, I found an oasis of peace — a personal sanctuary where the stillness of life's truths calmed the chaos within me. This journey was more than a mere escape; it was a profound exploration of meditation, reflection, and soul-searching guided by wisdom and the enduring lessons life itself offers. Through this experience, I rediscovered parts of myself long forgotten, gaining clarity and a refreshed spirit ready to embrace life's next chapter. This retreat isn't just a trip; it's a transformative passage back to oneself, crafted with care by John and his team. My time in the desert was a precious gift of rejuvenation and insight, one I'll carry forward into my future.'

Business Owner & Community Leader


'Words fail to capture this experience and how powerful it was. There was regenerative rest but also meaningful soul work, and that combination was utterly transformative. The retreat brought me to a place where I felt grounded (in my body and my life) and yet elevated (in my vision and purpose), with a sense of greater wholeness and clarity . I left with a deep sense of awe and wonder, and—on a practical level—a clear path for integrating what I learned into everyday life, making it sustainable.'

Director and Author


'We Immersed ourselves in a transformative journey that took place in the heart of the Sahara, a place where the world's noise is swallowed by the vastness of sand and sky. Over 4 days, we walked amongst shifting dunes, engaged in intensive personal development alongside like-minded professionals. We  shared meals with the local southern community, indulging in traditional Tunisian cuisine, and we found tranquility in a "troglodyte" cave dwelling nestled in mountains. A truly life changing experience. '

Director & Business Owner

'The Inspiration Programme was an immersive personal development experience in two incredible settings  in South Africa. We  undertook deep reflective work, as well as planning and goal setting, all undertaken in beautiful surroundings. In between, we pushed ourselves personally with adventure activities and exploring the wildlife surrounding us.'

Director & Business Owner

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