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Join our Community and explore with us as we build relationships in remote and wild parts of the globe - places where the natural world is respected and honoured and where community is a way of life. 


We are committed to learning from and then working in partnership with those who understand how to live daily in synthesis with nature.


We plan to increasingly build opportunities so that adventurers and families from our technology saturated culture can travel, explore and learn with us.


We hope that we and our fellow travellers will return to careers and communities inspired to share our learning with others and for our children.


Above all, we want to think about how we might discover a less driven and a more reflective, natural and fruitful life. 


All of our adventures are a collaborative process with our hosts and fellow travellers.  We work extremely hard to price trips in a way that makes them inclusive.


We need to cover our costs but the communities are never designed to make money. Instead, we do all we can to make these experiences accessible to people who share our curiosity and commitment to go into wild places to listen and to learn in community. Wherever possible we also try to fund places for individuals. 





March - Austria: Mountain Community Summit (John, Harry, Grant, Sandra)


May - Kaz, Mediterrannean Coast: Freediving Community (John, Alex & Fatma)


June - Nepal: Tiger, Elephant & Rhino Sherpa Community (John & Tsering)

July - Guernsey: Salsa & Paddleboarding Community (John & Trish)

July - Cornwall: Adventure & Personal Development Community (John & Neil)


July - Yosemite: California, USA - CC Retreat Community

September - Cadiz, Spain - Wildness, Culture & Food Community (John, Ali & Joy)

October - North Carolina US: Stages of Growth Community (John, Becca, Brandon)


November - Rajasthan India, Desert Community (John & Karen)


If you are interested in getting e-mail info about

forthcoming trips please drop us a quick email here:

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