Stuart Ritchie 
UK Director

'You can’t really grasp what John can help you to achieve, change and become until you’ve had the privilege to work with him.


Working with John means you enter into a partnership with a guiding, wise spirit who is insightful and sensitive.


Until we started working together I never really knew who I was and what I stood for.  I had success in some areas of my life and catastrophe in others.  John has helped me to become consciously aware of my values and principles and to learn to build solid foundations for every area of my life.


I’m excited about where our work is taking us and I feel I’m on the cusp of discovering massive potential in my business, health, wealth and relationships.' 

Thomas Bennett
Business Owner

'I have attended numerous courses during my life but this is the only one that will never leave me.  I cannot do it justice with words alone, you must do this Retreat. Open your mind, focus on what is TRULY IMPORTANT in your life.


Escape the negative trappings of normal life for just one day and be fully real for once. If you are looking for answers they are inevitably inside you and this day will draw them out.  


You don't need to share your inner thoughts; 

just confront them and listen.


Just amazing! Thank you so much.'

Thomas Jayston
Writer and Therapist

'There are certain experiences that cannot be adequately summarised with words. Nonetheless, I will try. With a deft understanding of what it means to be human, we were enabled to honestly look inside ourselves and to bravely explore what we find there. Through this simple yet sorely overlooked method, a collective togetherness is fostered, nurtured and brought to the fore. I walked away feeling as though I and uncovered a gentle incline of kindness ahead of me. It was a rather glorious revelation.' 

Natalie Montagnani

Director, Page Marketing

'Immensely powerful! 

The visible difference in everyone at the end of John’s day with us was absolutely apparent. 

AwarenessChange isn’t about squeezing more out of your team but instead about them becoming centred, grounded and fulfilled. These outcomes inevitably mean individuals are more productive and happier, bringing a working environment of wellbeing. They finally feel valued in that you’re investing in them as an individual and not a work machine, which is deeply powerful and truly motivational.


This is the way forward for us and will be the future!'

Nick Carter

UK Director

'In life we become defined by our habitat, our work, and by the actions and behaviours that we portray as a result. However, to truly understand who we are as individuals we have to learn to listen to our true inner self which is not always easy to do.


John has a special ability to help you open up about your feelings and thoughts and face challenging issues in such a way that you feel safe and secure to do so.


I can genuinely say that the work that John does is life changing.


Mark Twain once said that 'Great people are those who make other people feel that they too can become great.'


This sums up John and his work.'



David Francis
Director, Demarq Global

'The genius of AwarenessChange is in the simple yet highly engaging format and approach.  An extremely valuable and exciting first step to unlocking your true potential and understanding yourself with a fresh and challenging perspective.'

Dougal Fleming
UK Director

'A highly revealing journey into what makes each of us tick. A mix of compelling stories and thought provoking questions that allow participants to question parts of their character that might have seemed off limits or previously unaccessible. Skilfully establishes a safe environment where revealing and listening to highly personal information feels natural and liberating. I left with a clear sense of who I am, what made me this way and a renewed focus to live a life that strives to give back more than it takes.'

Ollie Aplin
Founder, Mind Journal

'AwarenessChange blew my mind. I was amazed at how the framework enabled me to feel safe, secure and comfortable enough to share some of my deepest moments in life. AwarenessChange is absolutely incredible and is a testament to John’s passion:

to help people discover themselves'