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Notebook and Pen

Lifestory Workshops

Reflection    |    Awareness    |    Inspiration

Maximum Investment in Future Leaders

A unique day that is focused not on the objectives of organisations, businesses or managers;

but entirely on the lives and the wellness of the most important resource of all: individual people.


Matt Turner
CEO & Founder
Creative Pod Group

'John has a style like no other. The way he brings a group of people together is admirable to witness and be a part of. This is a process for the brave.

Embrace change and good fortunes follow'

Mark Williamson
CEO & Co-Founder
Action For Happiness

'John has a unique way of helping people tune in to what really matters and then make profound positive shifts in their lives.'


Sophie Whitehouse
Lead for Early Help & Wellbeing
Local Government

‘It has been a few months since I attended the Awareness Change Retreat and I can honestly say it has changed my whole outlook. Reflecting on my approach to relationships and patterns of behaviour has been so powerful and led to fundamental changes.'




Emma Horne

UK Director

Action for Children

'The simplicity of awareness and change is what makes it so powerful. The opportunity to self reflect safely cannot be underestimated. ​


John brings a level of self awareness and honesty that stops you in your tracks and motivates you to want to do the same.'


Mark Ashton

CEO, Resolve

& Go International

'Developing yourself is a lifelong journey. If all of us invested in ourselves properly and regularly, through rigorous and uncomfortable questioning like yesterday, we would be far more joyful and the world would be a far better place.'



Ben Griffiths 


Spartan Gyms

'A truly amazing workshop - uncomfortable but so valuable. Your stories, honesty and willingness to be vulnerable had a profound effect on me. The willingness to go deeper, stop and ask questions has made me question what I want and where I am going. It’s what I needed at this stage in life and I thank you again for the fascinating and precious words you spoke, restoring my beliefs around the amazing people that are out there.'

Julie Tidbury
Project Manager
West Sussex Commissioning Team
for Mental Health

'A pot of gold - An inspiring combination of intensely engaging presentation, beautiful true stories and real life experiences. There are no false or commercial elements to AwarenessChange, just thinking, feeling and giving time to consider all that we never have time to in our busy and demanding professional lives. I strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone who wishes to improve and enhance performance and wellbeing for themselves and for their teams. What is learned here will stay with you for ever.'


Mark Greening
Commissioning Team
Health & Social Care
West Sussex

'A powerful and thought provoking experience that gave me a rare opportunity for reflection and self-appraisal.'



Jim Pollard 
Author, Health Journalist
Editor of Mens Health Forum

'As a course leader, John Richards is like a dog with a bone – and I mean that in a good way. He’ll ask you the questions you don’t want to answer in a way that makes them impossible to duck. You'll realise that unless you do answer them, you’ll aways be lacking in awareness and always be afraid of change. Both of those things are big hinderances at work and even bigger ones in life.'


Jessica Cotton -
Psychodynamic Therapist
Mental Health Services

'John’s work is enormously insightful, perceptive and highly sensitive. He is an extremely effective leader and facilitator, because he has a natural ability to organically draw out from you your own unconscious 'unknown knowns' and help you creatively formulate them into concepts and ideas that urge you gently forward. In that way, you feel totally empowered and in control.'



Benedict Atkins 
Vicar & Communities Leader

'John offers a rare but invaluable gift with a quality which is hard to describe without sounding sycophantic. The environment of safety and wisdom his work provides was an intense catalyst for lasting change and sustainable growth in me and in the lives of those around me who are affected by me day by day, whether I like it or not.
I can say that my life, marriage and my performance at work have been able to thrive as a direct result.'




Sandra Crathern, NLP Master Practitioner & Director of Innavision

'Beautiful to see and rather rare. John seemed to have the ability to allow everyone to feel so secure and able to express themselves with respect and dignity.'


Thomas Bennett
Head of Business Development
ReThink Global


'I have attended numerous courses during my life but this is the only one that will never leave me.  I cannot do it justice with words alone, you must do this Retreat. Open your mind, focus on what is TRULY IMPORTANT in your life.


Escape the negative trappings of normal life for just one day and be fully real for once. If you are looking for answers they are inevitably inside you and this day will draw them out.  


You don't need to share your inner thoughts; 

just confront them and listen.


Just amazing! Thank you so much.'

David Francis
Director, Demarq Global

'The genius of AwarenessChange is in the simple yet highly engaging format and approach.  An extremely valuable and exciting first step to unlocking your true potential and understanding yourself with a fresh and challenging perspective.'

Thomas Jayston
Writer and Therapist
Dougal Fleming
UK Director

'There are certain experiences that cannot be adequately summarised with words. Nonetheless, I will try. With a deft understanding of what it means to be human, we were enabled to honestly look inside ourselves and to bravely explore what we find there. Through this simple yet sorely overlooked method, a collective togetherness is fostered, nurtured and brought to the fore. I walked away feeling as though I and uncovered a gentle incline of kindness ahead of me. It was a rather glorious revelation.' 

'A highly revealing journey into what makes each of us tick. A mix of compelling stories and thought provoking questions that allow participants to question parts of their character that might have seemed off limits or previously unaccessible. Skilfully establishes a safe environment where revealing and listening to highly personal information feels natural and liberating. I left with a clear sense of who I am, what made me this way and a renewed focus to live a life that strives to give back more than it takes.'

Natalie Montagnani
Director, Page Marketing

'Immensely powerful! 

The visible difference in everyone at the end of John’s day with us was absolutely apparent. 

AwarenessChange isn’t about squeezing more out of your team but instead about them becoming centred, grounded and fulfilled. These outcomes inevitably mean individuals are more productive and happier, bringing a working environment of wellbeing. They finally feel valued in that you’re investing in them as an individual and not a work machine, which is deeply powerful and truly motivational.


This is the way forward for us and will be the future!'

Ollie Aplin
Founder, Mind Journal

'AwarenessChange blew my mind. I was amazed at how the framework enabled me to feel safe, secure and comfortable enough to share some of my deepest moments in life. AwarenessChange is absolutely incredible and is a testament to John’s passion:

to help people discover themselves'

Stuart Ritchie
Businessman & Entrepreneur

'Nothing like I expected and way more valuable than I could have ever imagined. I was fascinated at how John’s simple, but massively powerful techniques allowed me to feel safe to talk about some of the most significant challenges and blocks I have in my life. I highly recommend attending AwarenessChange.’




Ric Gray
Charity Co-ordinator

‘Designed to raise me from the depths and to point me to the stars. An inspirational day for which I thank you. I recommend this event to every human being.’


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